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This page is for aides to the group and visitors may find it helpful for your own purposes.
Epson projector manual
Heaters in Main hall – instructions Apr 2016
Expenses claim form xls 2016
Expenses claim form pdf 2016
Camp Skills
How to light a big Primus Stove
How to Light a Hiker’s Primus stove

How to use a primus stove
How to light a primus stove, printed instructions
EpiGas lighting instructions
A guide to Camp Gadgets
More Camp Gadgets
Camp recipies book
How to set up an altar fire
Dutch oven instructions

stores pick list for camp May 19
tent list latest
Blacks Verve Tent Erection
Vango Typhoon 300
Vango F10
General advice on tent pitching from Headquarters
Patrol tent pitching You Tube video
How to pitch a patrol tent
Ultralight Vango Force Ten Vitesse 2 person Tent instructions
Fjallraven Everest 2 Tent Image

Fjallraven Hunter Tent Image

General Skills

Grog’s animated knots

Maps and Compasses

Position of badges on uniform (Scouts)

Position of badges on uniform (Cubs)

Position of badges on uniform (Beavers)

Badges and Awards (Scouts)

Badges and Awards (Cubs)

Badges and Awards (Beavers)

Campfire Songs